StatSVN – SVN Statistics Tool

Posted: February 9, 2014 in General, Java

Recently my manager asked me to generate a statistics report from our project sourcecode in SVN. He wanted to monitor the changes to the project in terms of Lines Of Code, Files, File Commit Frequency etc.

Today, I am gonna explain how I did this using ‘STATSVN’ – a statistics generating tool for SVN. It generates HTML reports from svn log files.

Step 1: Download the latest version of STATSVN from It will be downloaded a zip file. For the example I want you to unzip this file to  C:/statsvn

Step 2: Checkout your project from SVN (For this example we are checking out the project to C:/SuhasJavaProject

Step 3: Install Tortiose SVN Client from and during installation make sure that you choose ‘Command Line Client’ when prompted about what all features to install.

Step 4: Open command prompt and check if your SVN installation was perfect by typing ‘svn info’ and it will list down the SVN URL of your repository, repository root, current revision, last changed author etc.

Step 5: Now navigate to your checked out project folder ‘cd C:\SuhasJavaProject‘ and create a svn log file using the followign command ‘svn log –xml -v > svn.log‘  and now you can see a new svn.log file created under your project.

Step 6 : Now navigate to your statsvn folder ‘cd C:\statsvn’ and execute the following command and see the magic ‘java -jar statsvn.jar

c:\SuhasJavaProject\svn.log c:\SuhasJavaProject

Now you can see that under C:\statsvn so many new files are generated. Open C:\statsvn\index.html in a browser and you can view the stats. !!!

Hope you find this useful 🙂



  1. Arcadio says:

    Great!!! Thank you very much indeed. Much obliged 🙂

  2. Jay Teli says:

    Thank you

  3. waqar says:

    excellent suhas! yours sincerely, Waqar Zaidi (SCM)

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